Thursday, April 19, 2018

My 2nd Herman Starter Bread ~ Polo Buns

It's my bad that this post came late....😛😝 My apology as the reason is I was really busy preparing my younger twin to college next month. The hardest was to find a proper , decent and most importantly SAFE place for him to stay and settle in. I was browsing and googling websites over websites of 'room for rent' was really no fun at all. Some are so gender biased that they prefer female over male ......hmm, I wonder why is that?? ðŸĪ” Could it be male tenants are not as quiet as female? or not as tidy and clean as female? but whatever it is......I'm so glad I finally found one 2 days ago and managed to put a booking fee to block the room, until we are physically there in KL to see it next month. Thank God! Amen!!

So, coming back to this post, it was really long overdue , I know, as I baked these fluffy buns 2 weeks ago and I know a lot of you are anxiously waiting for the recipe to try it out. Please forgive me it is 😘😘 However, if you have been following me , and already has the Herman Starter Bread recipe (from here), everything in making the bread or bun dough is the same, except for the topping.

You really have to try this recipe if you are a fan of Polo Buns, as this version with the sugar crusted topping, is so much satisfying compared to those sell in Kopitiam. ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ What's more, like I always say, "homemade is always the best".

You may download the above recipe card from the link below:

Till then, I'll catch up with you again.....oh and before I go, these Polo Buns, even after 2 days, you just need to reheat it in the oven for 5 -7 mins at 140C , it'll all be fluffy and soft again, just like the day it was baked. Cheers!!

Happy baking !

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Homemade Iced Gem Cookies

Gem Cookies......sounds familiar to you? or should I used back it's original name as "belly button cookies"? 😆😆 Those were the sweet memories I have when I saw this in one of the social media, and I thought to myself, I must make this. I have always loved this cookies since I was a kid, and even until now. ........but of course now, I can't take them as I ditched carbs and sugar.,,,,,,,how sad to have to forego these childhood memories treats.....but it's OK, as in the house, there'e my kids and my nieces, and also most of my friends still loves them, that gives me a chance to have the excuse to bake them, LOL

Like I said, I have always wanted to make these Gem Cookies as I would like to have a more buttery cookie base, and the icing on top, I would prefer it to be like a meringue base, crunchy on the outside, and when bite into it, it's a little soft and mellow like there is a hint of marshmallow in it. The original belly button cookie the top was iced with royal icing if I'm not mistaken.....anyway, it still tastes great until today. But today, I'm going to make my version of it, which Cupcake Jemma did just that.....little Gem Cookie iced with Meringue 😋😋

Here is how you do your homemade version of these Belly Button Cookies or the new and more glamorous name now is Gem Cookies , hahaha
You may download the above recipe card by clicking unto this link:

Happy baking and hope you like this upgraded version of this cookie ! Tell me how do you like by commenting down below, have a nice day!

Monday, March 26, 2018

My 1st Herman Starter Bread ~ Cranberry Sugar Crusted Braided Loaf (Single Proofing)

Who is Herman? Is he a Bread? Why is it called Herman Bread?
Ya, I got that funny kind of thinking and wondering too when I first heard about this Herman Starter (HS) breads and buns flooding most of the walls in Facebook on the baking sites that I joined. I thought to myself, wah,who is this guy, Herman???? I must meet him one day, as I saw all the bakers whom have met him, had baked awesome, yummy, fluffy and super soft breads and buns. I'm so dying to meet him, and I must meet him!

Well, although some of you who knew me, knows that I no longer eat bread or buns, as I'm on a LCHF-Keto way of eating. But truly, I was a bread person before i was on this WoE, I can eat bread and buns and not rice every day, it's kind of like my staple food last time. That is why I developed the passion in making my own bread and buns, and whats more, my mother -in-law bought a Panasonic Bread Maker and that sums it all, we bake loaves and loaves of bread almost every 2 to 3 days. Then I started to change my lifestyle to LCHF - Keto, and totally cut our Carbs to just 20gm a day, and that leaves me to not much of a chance to eat even a small bun , but only through green leafy vegetables. Anyway, side track, don't bored you with my WoE, 😝😝

My family however , especially my kids, still loves breads and buns and I try to bake for them as much as I can, as I typically believes that homemade are always so much better than those bought in bakeries, where lots of preservatives are put into it. I also get fascinated by the many types of leavening agents used by those expert bakers - water roux, sponge dough, old dough besides the commercial Instant Dry Yeast. 

And then, there's this Herman Starter now, in fact he was in the history of homemade yeast for a long long time. Not sure if you have heard of the "Friendly Bread Herman" that was widely shared around the world last time? I recalled it when my friend Jenny Lim told me that this is "that" friendly bread Herman. I was very eager to give it a try, as the comments and feedbacks from those homebakers were just to hard to resist (you know what I meant right? hahaha). Therefore, in no time, I got myself a portion of this Herman Starter and joined myself into their HS Asian group and then it's history! 😍😋

I can't wait to try it on the Single proofing method bread recipe that their group leader , Ms Xiuli shared, and quickly got my Herman Starter ready after following proper instructions on how to feed and store it for future use. And tadah.......this is the finishing product of my very first Herman Starter Bread , I tweaked it a little as i don't want to just bake a white loaf or buns, so I made it into a Cranberries Sugar Crusted Braided loaf instead. It took me 4 hours to get it proofed to double in size, but I heard some members took as long a s 10, 12 or even 15 hours to get it to double, guess my Herman is really strong 😜

Here is the recipe for you if you are interested to try it out, but of course, try to get your hands on some Herman Started first, there are members every where around the world it seems, if you are interested, perhaps you can comment below and I'll try to check with my leader to see if there are members at your area. If you are from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia here, you can get it from me , no worries, just let me know.😉

You may download the recipe above by clicking unto this link :

What I wish to say was, the outcome of  this loaf was really soft, and it doesn't have that heavy yeast smell, and I'm going to try keeping it for 2 to 3 days and see how the texture turn out, and will update here for you to know, OK?

Happy Baking!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018


As some of you may know that I'm into Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Ketogenic way of eating (WoE) since last year August 2017. The main reason I jumped into the Keto wagon was not because I want to lose weight, but more so that I wanted to lose some Body Fat and gain some good lean muscles. 
I have been working out in the gym for over a year now (some of you may know I'm a gym freak 😝) and I hit the gym 3 to 4 days in a week doing Cardio (BodyCombat & RPM) Strength training (BodyPump). I love the Les Mills group workout programs and enjoys it very much, well, why not when I also have a group of strong beautiful ladies who shares the same passion as I am. We motivates each other, and the best part is, we love ourselves to be willing to strive for the best for ourselves.

Ok, coming back to this WoE, I wanted to get into this WoE to lose what I need to lose and gain what I'm suppose to gain, and that's lean muscles. I understand that in this WoE, your body is train to use body fat as fuel ,and if you are doing strength training, you actually have a better chance of gaining your muscle mass, and that's what I'm training for.

Anyway, for those of you who not in this WoE, no worries, this Keto Tuna Melts are just as yummy for you as for those who are on LCHF / Keto. ....but of course I wouldn't suggest you to eat it too often, as you might know, high Carbs + high Fat = Suicide !! Once in a while should be fine.

I normally do meals preparation for a week since I started this WoE. I don't mind have the same food for a week , or at least 5 days a week, as it saves me time and headache to think of what to eat, especially when I'm at work.  This Keto Tuna Melts are just the perfect meal in fact, I would have one of it and 1 cup of my Bulletproof Coffee, and that will be my lunch 😋, totally satisfying and it's really yummy! Give it a try and you'll like for sure, moreover it's super easy to make too!
 You may download the above recipe by clicking unto this link

By the way, as I have mentioned "Homemade Mayonaise" in the recipe, you can refer to this Youtube video on how to make your own Homemade Mayonaise. It tastes so much better and one thing for sure, you know exactly what you put into it. As store bought Mayonaise has a lot of hidden Carbs (for those who are on LCHF / Keto WoE), we are very particular with the ingredients in all products. 😉

Hope you like this Keto Tuna Melts, and if you want to see the original source of this recipe, you may find it here .

Happy Baking !

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


It's been awhile since I last updated my blog......reasons are a lot, and I don't that matters anymore, as I have decided to keep this blog active all over again. Thanks to those who are still actively following me, and because of you, I made a decision to come back and start blogging again. I hope that I'll be able to constantly update and post as often as I least 1 posting a week? 😉

This first comeback posting is a request from my daughter, she has been asking me to bake her meringues since last week, and because I'm tight up with some cake and cookies orders, I wasn't able to until this week where I'm a bit too free, haha.........ya, I meant really very free, until I'm able to finished off a 20 episodes K-series , A Korean Odyssey starring Lee Seung Gi in 3 days 😜

To spice up the meringues a little, I added some food coloring to make it more sweet looking and not so plain as the usual ones. As I'm sure all of you knows that you can easily whipped up a batch of meringues in just less than 10 minutes and what took the longest, was the baking part. As for the ingredients, you only need 2 things - fresh egg whites and castor sugar.

Here is the recipe for those of you who wish to give it a try.

You may download the recipe card above by clicking unto this link:-

Happy baking !